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“I’ll do it”… that’s our slogan. The App for everyone that allows you to manage anything jobs and activities. You can add a job, something you don’t want to do or need help, and enter it as a “bidder”. Someone, who will search for jobs in the same area of interest will find your offer and thinking “I’ll do it” therefore, be a performer who will decide to offer himself to carry out that task.

It then becomes interesting that I’LL DO IT recharges the account of each user with a percentage of 1% of the transactions that the people invited generate: a small incentive to spread the App which is still free and downloadable on Google Play and Apple Store.

See how it works


How does it work

Define whether you are a bidder or a executor

Simply decide if you want to offer a job or if you are looking for it. It can be anything you want, housework, gardening job, care job, anything that comes from your mind. If you bid, you must to do how much you’re disposed to pay someone to execute the job for you. If you are executor, you can know exactly how much you can earn to end the job and decide whether it is worth accepting or not.
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The tenderer inserts the offer

The bidder inserts the offer: within the offer, there must, therefore, be a complete description of the work to be carried out. You can choose the category to which your offer belongs but the most important thing is the location so that people close to you can notice it. When you insert an offer you can also insert photos and obviously, you have to decide the price you are willing to pay. This amount will be blocked on your credit card until you say the job has been done.

The executor accepts the offer

The executor who accepts the offer can then be chosen by the offerer: if this occurs, the two users can exchange communications on the application chat. Once the bidder has chosen the executor, the service will be carried out. When the bidder confirms that the job has been carried out, the sum will be unlocked and will send to the executor.

Feedback from both sides

In the end, when the work carried out there will be feedback from both sides. The performer will leave from 0 to 5 stars to indicate his satisfaction and can leave a comment too. The bidder can do the same thing. The feedback system it’s very important, it will determine the reliability and congruity of the values that are given to the individual tasks to be performed.





Our App

I’ll do it
I’ll do it

I’ll do it

App for everyone

A very simple and intuitive App that allows you to search for anything to do for which you could be paid by another person. At the same time, it allows you to enter any job you want someone else to do. All this in maximum transparency and simplicity.

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    You can download our App for free on your smartphone

    I'll do it is integrated with PayPal

    Through PayPal we manage all transactions between users. PayPal manages the operation whenever a job is entered.

    I´ll do it it´s a collaboration with Neword llc. and Cene ltd.